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​​Why book with Vin & Wine rather than another company?

Who will host my wine tasting event?



What will I learn at my event?

Will I need to take a taxi home?

Q. ​​Why book with Vin & Wine rather than another company?

What makes us different from others

1 We are the only ones in the world to offer you all the material/knowledge you will learn on a free and user-friendly mobile application. WIN A BEE™ is the ideal tool to continue your wine learning while having access to the best wines at the lowest price.

2 More than 10,000 testimonials from our 11,000 participants speak for themselves. We have the highest satisfaction rate in the entire industry. In short, the bar is very high . 🤗 And we guarantee this satisfaction.

3 40 years of experience as sommelier, winegrower, winemaker, oenologist and wine merchant in 38 countries around the world, including 6 years in France, gives us a complete perception of wine; from the root of the vine to your taste buds. Knowledge that has allowed us to innovate wine, to make it more comprehensive, more accessible , much more down to earth and democratized.

The experience of our 800+ tasting workshops in Quebec and Ontario gives you peace of mind no matter the difficulties. Unforeseen events are inevitable, it is our professionalism and experience that makes it possible to transform a disaster into a success.

5 We could continue with other superlatives like the many participants who tell us that they learned more with us in 3 hours than in all the wine workshops they have attended in the past, combined. We prefer to give you the guarantee that if we have not exceeded your expectations, it will be free. Moreover, we always ask to be paid at the end of our services and only if you are completely satisfied.

    Q. Who will host your wine tasting event?

    Dany, our founder and "wine genius" , is usually the default presenter. When in doubt, ask that it is he who is there.

    Our experts are certified, trained, engaging and experienced in delivering informative and entertaining tastings. ( No boring entertainment! )

    At our events, guests of all experience levels can feel comfortable exploring fine wines from around the world.

    We guarantee that 90% of the information shared is unique to our Vin and Wine tasting workshops . In short, whether you've never drunk wine or whether you're a “pro”, it's certain that you'll learn a lot of things, or it's free.

    Q.  What's INCLUDED ?

    • A wine expert sommelier to guide you through the tasting

    • Min. 4 high quality wines, local and/or international

    • Possibility to choose your favorite grape varieties or other preferences
      • However, as all our tastings are blind, you won't know what you drank until the end.

    • Tasting wine INAO glasses

    • Tasting notes in the form of a mobile application

    • Standard event duration: 3 hours

    • Possibility to buy wines directly from the vineyard

      At Vin and Wine, we strive to be flexible with your needs to ensure your event is perfect.

    Q.  What's EXCLUDED ?

    • Glasses of water

    • Catering (option on request)

    • Food, appetizer - (option on request)

    • Waiters

    Q. What will you learn at your event?

    All our workshops are personalized according to what YOU want to learn . We don't have a model that YOU have to follow. It's the opposite, it's us who adapt to YOUR expectations and YOUR vision . We are here for you.

    Whenever you give us “carte blanche”, or ask us what works best, we have plenty of ideas and experience to ensure the success of YOUR event. 🤗

    In short, we team up with you because you know your world.

    We are detail oriented so the more information you have, the more we like it. ❤️

    Q. Will I to take a taxi home?

    The short answer is NO! By the way, we are very proud of the fact that we haven't lost any of our 11,000+ participants since our founding in 2011. 🤗

    The amount of wine you consume during your tasting will be less than the amount suggested by law. You can do the calculation yourself: your weight + 300 ml of wine + the food offered + 3 hours of tasting = ?

    If in doubt, bring a breathalyzer.

    You have more questions? 

    Do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer you within the hour.