Dégustation de vin pour Bachelorette Party

6 steps to make it a success.

Learn from our experience of having planned and delivered hundreds of bachelorette parties theme.

Hello Bachelorette!

If you are planning a bachelorette party theme and want to make it an unforgettable moment, we have what you need: a wine tasting!

Wine tastings are great because they're fun, educational, and give you the opportunity to try new wines that might not otherwise be on your radar.

And who doesn't love a good excuse to get together with your friends.

Here are some tips to help you make sure you and all your bachelorettes have a blast.

1. Engage the interest of your Bachelorettes

The beauty of wine is that it's usually the one activity that gets everyone excited.

Even if they only drink occasionally, we all have the curiosity to learn.

Wine has been a staple for 8,000 years. We often find ourselves in front of a wine whether at home, with parents, friends or in a restaurant. Knowing what to say and what to do in these circumstances demonstrates your intelligence and good manners.

It was those who say they had no interest in wine who left the most enthusiastic.

2. Choose a suitable day of the week.

A wine tasting in a restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night would be very loud and probably not as personalized as you would like. Holding it at your home or any other private place allows you more flexibility. Plan accordingly! 

Unsurprisingly, Saturdays and Sundays are the most popular.

3. Choose a date

First see the availability of the professional sommelier at Vin and Wine by placing a simple RESERVATION at the top right or bottom of this page. It's FREE and without any obligation.

Book 2 or 3 dates that suit you first and do a poll to find out which one best suits your guests.

Tip : “People are busy, they don't always have time to answer your emails. By sending them a single invitation by email with the 2 or 3 choices of dates and details, everything is settled with a single mailing.

Then confirm your reservation with Vin and Wine with a simple phone call or text at 514-463-1140. Alternatively, reply to the email that Vin & Wine will have sent you.

4. The ideal amount of wine

Seven wines is the magic number for a tasting. 

This is the equivalent of half a bottle per person over a period of 3 hours. Ingested with food it is certain that no one will be intoxicated at the end of the tasting. Very practical if your bachelorettes want to leave with their vehicle.

It is also an excellent quantity to discover your palate and found out what type of wine you like. In addition to a couple of red wines, you will be served 5 other "types" of wine. 

Tip : “ Let us know your preferences. They will be taken into consideration.

groupe dégustation de vin

5. Possible options for food

Eating while tasting is important during a wine tasting.

It can be simple crackers with pâtés or a buffet. Whatever you choose, we need to know it to be able to choose the wines accordingly and thus experience food/wine pairings together.

Here are your food preparation to plan in advance:

  1. Vin and Wine caterers / Full-service

  2. You and/or your guests supply the food

  3. At a BYOW restaurant

1.  Vin and Wine caterers / Full-service

Here in Quebec and Ontario it's not like in France where we spit out the wine after having tasted it. We therefore had to adapt our offers accordingly.

At Vin and Wine we have been working with Atwater market caterers for 10 years.

Our cheeses are from the Fromagerie Hamel . They have a wide variety of cheeses from Quebec and abroad which allows us to ensure the best possible pairings with our wines. Your guests will love our cheese plate specially adapted to their tastes, our wines and your budget.

You decide how much you want to spend on food.

For a 5 à 7 / Aperitif formula where you will have a meal afterwards, consider a budget of $19 per guest.

If it's a meal replacement, plan between $25 and $30 per person.

The amount you decide is the amount we will buy. We do not make a profit on this additional service that we offer. It's a turnkey service that is very popular since you don't have to worry about anything; we arrive with everything you will need. All that's left is to unpack all the food we've bought on the day of your bachelorette party. Some dishes such as quiches or sausages will be reheated and placed on trays.

We want you to experience the French experience of market day when we arrive with our food and casually place it on the table, where your guests help themselves according to the wine served.

In other words, we will live an experience together that you can repeat with your friends and families with pleasure and ease.

For our daily fresh sausages we trust the Charcuterie de Tours . For cooked dishes as well as our terrines and pâtés, it is Terrines et Pâtés with whom we have a lot of fun working on your delicacies specially designed for superb food and wine pairings.

2. It's you and/or your guests supplying the food

Alternatively, you can prepare the food yourself and/or ask your guests to contribute. Here are some dishes you should plan:

  • Mayonnaise based salads (pasta, potato, broccoli/cauliflower, etc.)

  • Fish, shrimp, seafood

  • Various cheeses

  • Sausages

  • Quiches

  • Meatloaf

  • Poultry

  • Terrines and pâtés

  • Breads and crackers

Avoid spicy foods and keep the flavors moderately intense. This allows for better pairings with our wines. Lemon / limes, sauces, or any other condiments to enhance the dishes are the be, kept separately.

3. At a BYOW restaurant

This is another option that maybe a little more expensive.  We contact the restaurant to find out about their menu so that you can enjoy the best food/wine pairings possible. 

We have worked with many restaurants, so you're likely that you will benefit from our experience and privilege to make it a fabulous evening.

You can estimate between $49 to $89 +taxes and services /persons for this option.

6. The final preparation for Your Bachelorette Party

For the tasting part, wine glasses are included in the price of Vin and Wine.

For food, prepare a nice table with utensils and plates for everyone, including your sommelier who sits at the head of the table to be able to interact with everyone.

This is your event, your sommelier will be sure to personalize his service so that your expectations and desires will be met. 

Our structure is adapted to you so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

What to expect ?

Your sommelier arrives 10 minutes before the start of your activity to give him/her the time to setup in a small area of the counter. If Vin and Wine supply the food, the sommelier will arrive 30 minutes before. This will allow time to unpack and warm up the fresh produce with the help of your bachelorettes.

When you are ready, your event will begin with an introductory wine, often a sparkling wine, to liven up the festivities. A few concepts will be shared so that your guests will learn and put into practice; 

  • how to hold a glass of wine, 
  • what to do when you are served wine in a restaurant, 
  • what to choose as wine at a wine merchants or the SAQ / LCBO, 
  • what is a quality wine and of course the food / wine pairings.

Finally, in the form of games / participation, you and your guests will rate all the wines you taste in order to better understand your palate and choose your future wines accordingly.

There's nothing better than being able to choose wines based on the evolution of your palate, rather than that of others.

Don't forget that this is your event and that all your expectations and desires will be adapted to your activity.

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What could be better than a wine tasting to start the evening with friends.

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Dégustation de vin pour Bachelorette Party

You are planning 1 to 9 Bachelorettes?

The rate for your group, starts at $490, all charges included (All-In Cost).

You are in good hands.

Over 900 wine tastings / events
since 2011 in Quebec and Ontario.

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You are planning more than 10 Bachelorettes?

The rate is between $19 and $79 / pers. All charges included (All-In Cost)

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